Kellogg’s Urlegender Crunchy Müsli (review)

So, a while ago I bought three packs (I think) of a new Kellogg’s product that I haven’t seen before and thought I might try. img_2020

It’s the Kellogg’s new Urlegender crunchy müsli and it was on sale for 2.50€ since it was about to expire. Its main ingredients are: rye, chiaseeds, Sultanas and pumpin seeds – so it’s not gluten, but it is vegan since it doesn’t contain any milk or egg products. One portion consists of 45 gr (192 kcals), but it’s easy to eat double that with yoghurt.

I tried it on its own, one bowl with yoghurt and one bowl with milk, just to get the differences and most common variations.


To start with eating the müsli (or granola if you’re American), I found it very difficult to eat with your hands. This due to it falling apart and not really being clumpy enough to eat it without spilling it everywhere. Some honey, or something else that makes it bind together, to bind it together to rocks would have been nice and made it easier to eat. I would not recommend you to eat it on its own, unless it’s in a bowl on your chest close to your face.

As for eating it with milk it’s almost the same thing as with the first option: since it’s not really clumps it sticks in your thorat when you swallow it and I had to drink a lot of extra fluids to get it down properly.

My favourite option was to eat the crunchy müsli with yoghurt, simply because it was the easiest way to swallow it and not make a complete mess. It goes well with all types of yoghurt really, vegan or regular.


To state the positive sides of it:

  1. It tastes nice and is not too sweet – if your eat it with yoghurt that is. I found that the sugars in it was released into the milk and made it really overpowering , almost to the point of being too sweet to eat.
  2. It has a ziplock to prevent it from going bad, your pets from getting in to it etc. It’s easy to use for being a ziplock.
  3. Pretty high in protein and fibre, which is nice.

The negative sides:

  1. It’s difficult to chew, especially the Sultanas, and it doesn’t really get any better when you have it in liquids (milk or yoghurt). My jaw started to hurt after a while and it made it hard to eat everything.
  2. The calorie count is REALLY high: 100 gr = 427 cals, 45 gr (1 port) = 192 cals. The amount of carbohydrates is quite high too.
  3. It’s difficult to eat on its own and with milk. See higher up for a better explanation


To sum it up I think I pretty much like it, but I will NOT buy it after I’ve finished the packs that I have at home. The negative stuff outweighs the good to much for me to take a liking to the müsli.



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