Emergency Travel Bag- why you should have one!

What is an Emergency Travel Bag, what do you do with it and why should I have one you might askk. Well, if you’re somewhat of a frequent traveler then you probably have one and know all the benefits of having one.
An Emergency Travel Bag is simply put: one or two small bags that you bring with you, in your hand luggage, onto a plane and serve as an emergency kit in case your luggage gets lost on the way.

A lot/bag might vary a bit in content and size depending on who you are, but the basic kit should contain the following things:

1. One or two pairs of underwear 

2. A pair of socks 

3. A small bottle (under 100ml) of shampoo and one with body wash.

4. Sanitary pads and/or tampons

5. A toothbrush 

6. A small tube of toothpaste (under 100ml)

7. Some emergency cash. Make sure it’s the currency of the country that you’re visiting and NOT your home country.

8. Band aids for your feet.

9. Small napkins.

You then divide the things between two small bags, in my case I use bags that I’ve gotten for free from Viking Line, but any little Bag is fine. 

Remember to always keep the bags close at hand in your hand luggage, especially at security so that you can show the security officers your liquids!


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