Cleaning your home the inexpensive way

You probably spend a lot of money on cleaning products, money you could save by cleaning smart! Buying these products is expensive, even if you buy the less costly brands, and don’t seem to last long anyway despite promising to be cost effective. 
I find that the cheaper brands often don’t clean as good as the more expensive name brands, so in the end you’ll have to buy more of them – more often than the name brands to make up for this and in the end spend MORE than you would if you’d clean smart.

I’m going to start with the kitchen and do a list of tips of what I do to save money and the environment, because let’s face it: most cleaning products are not environmentally friendly. 

  • Before you even start – open up a window, it lets in fresh air, airs out the room and helps get rid of dust particles. Fresh air is healthy and the house fells fresher after having air let in.
  • Do the majority of the scrubbing with just plain tap water and a rag/sponge. Just fill up a bucket or the sink with hot water and use a cleaning cloth to sweep the table, counters, chairs, lists, stove etc. 90% of the time you don’t even need to use any kitchen spray on anything if you first tackl it with water and elbow grease. 
  • Remember to change the water regularly, it’s very unsanitary to use the same water on everything. I usually do the cooker and counter tops with one batch and the change to a fresh one for the rest of the kitchen – minus the floors naturally.
  • If you don’t have a dishwasher, seriously consider getting one. If space is an issue then there are small versions that fit on you counter, beside the tap and sink. Dishwashers save so much time and eliminates those heaps of dirty dishes.
  • Always vacuum the floor before you wash it, and always sweep the floor before you vacuum. If you sweep the floor you don’t have to vacuum so long and thereby save on electricity plus the vacuum bag doesn’t fill up as quickly. Vacuum bags cost a lot of money, so be sure to sweep first!
  • Be sure to read the labels of the cleaning product that you put in the water which you clean the floors with! Some brands you need up to 3 corks of detergent in a single bucket of water!!! This leads to you having to spend more money on this type of thing, since it doesn’t last very long. Instead, use one that you only need 1 – 1 1/2 corks worth.
  • Remember to clean the fan over the stove, you can take of the grate and run it in the dishwasher. This is very important since it collects grease, grime and dirt from all the cooking on the stove and is therefore a HUGE FIRE HAZARD! Clean it at least once a month.
  • Make sure to start cleaning at the top of the kitchen (high up) and work your way downward towards the floor. Otherwise you have to do the floors all over again.

These are my best tips for cleaning the kitchen in an easy way.


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