IAMS Naturally review

It was rather fun to try the new IAMS Naturally dry food. Well, to be perfectly honest it wasn’t me who tasted the food – it was my three cats: Ninja, Ce’Nedra and Belgarath and they seem to have enjoyed themselves. At least I hope that they have.

In the package I received there were a few bags of the dry food with lamb and rice in it and 10 coupons for 2£ off their dog food and 10 coupons for 2£ off their cat food, both valid for dry and wet food. I instantly gave away the dog food vouchers to people with dogs, since I don’t own one myself, and have so far used 4 of the coupons for cat food myself to purchase wet food for my cats. This is what they’ve got to say about the new food:


Ninja is a rather fussy eater and has been the hardest participant to please in this experiment. She didn’t really enjoy the dry food, lamb and rice, most likely due to the flavour. She really prefers salmon dry food, so perhaps if I had had some of that she’d enjoyed it. However, she liked the wet food very much and she even liked all of them! Out of the box of wet food, which contains different types of fish and meats, she preferred the salmon (no surprise there) and the tuna one best.

I’ve definitely noticed a difference in her poo when I changed over completely to IAMS Naturally. For one, it’s become more regular, larger and smellier plus softer. When she only had IAMS Naturally the difference was huge! Ninja has a tendency to get constipated quite easily, due to her weight I suspect – she’s fat – but with the new food I’d say that the opposite was almost true. She was on the verge of having diarrhea. This might be explained with that she’s an older cat and that the food is adapted for adult cats – not seniors.


Ce’Nedra was the opposite of Ninja with the food, she loves the dry food and doesn’t really want to eat the wet food at all. She likes meat and I think that might explain why she rather enjoyed the lamb, unlike Ninja and Belgarath. Ce’Nedra is a young cat too, so I suspect that her stomach is more adapted to the food over all. When it comes to wet food, she likes Purinas pâtés more. Since she flatly refuses to use a litter box and does her business outside instead, it’s been impossible for me to monitor her poos – but I guess that they’re regular since she isn’t complaining.


He’s the least fussy one of the lot and will eat anything that you put in front of him, so it’s very hard to tell whether or not he actually even enjoyed it at all. Nothing is better than the last meal in his mind. Though, he hasn’t been too keen on the dry food, but then again no dry food is good to him anyway. In fact – he’s refused to eat this at all. I don’t know why, but he simply refuses to touch it. He does compensate for that with the wet food and, without fail, eats two pouches at the time of that. Woe betide if you mix two different flavours with him! The other ones have one each at lunch and dinner. Belgarath spends 90% of his time outside, so it’s impossible, again, to say anything about his poo.

On the whole, they seem to have enjoyed the food, at least the wet food. I hope that there’re other kinds (chicken, salmon, beef) out there too of IAMS Naturally, otherwise I don’t think I’ll continue purchasing the dry stuff. The wet food I’ll continue purchasing since they really thought well of eat, at least enough to empty their plates. The food is, however, rather expensive and I wouldn’t have bought it unless I had coupons. The original price was 5.75£, I believe, for a 12 pack of wet food at Jollyes, but when I was there it was on offer for 4£ and after a coupon it came down to 2£ for a pack – which allowed me to make multiple transactions in order to stock up. I got 4 packs for 8£, and they should’ve been 23£.

So, to finish it off – I would buy it again if the prices were a bit lower and there were more options to choose from. The product doesn’t appear to have been promoted heavily to shops and I’ve had a difficult time finding it, even in well-sorted pet shops.


Santa’s favourite porridge


1 litre whole milk

1 cup (2.5dcl) pudding rice

2tbsp sugar

2tsp salt

3tbsp butter



  1. Add the rice, sugar, salt and half the milk to a saucepan.
  2. Bring to a boil on high heat and then reduce to the lowest setting. It should be simmering slowly though.
  3. Let the porridge simmer on low until it thickens and stir every minute to avoid it from sticking to the pan.
  4. Add a bit more liquid (1-1½dcl) as the porridge thickens and keep doing this until you’re out of milk. Cook until the rice is very tender and soft.
  5. Stir in the butter at the very last moment before serving.
  6. Serve with cinnamon and sugar on top.


  • It usually takes about 30 minutes to cook this porridge, depending on how thick you want the porridge.
  • To make the porridge even cheaper – substitute half the amount of milk for water. This is why it’s important to use whole milk! I’ve used 1 pint of whole milk and 1 pint of water and it’s still turned out very creamy and rich.
  • Instead of white sugar, try using the same amount of brown sugar instead – the porridge will get a slightly different flavour and a turn it golden instead of white.
  • To make this porridge vegan, simply change out the butter and milk for vegan options!