Free stuff at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is notoriously expensive, however there are some free things for, almost, all guests at the parks, that aren’t necessarily well-known or spoken off. I wish I’d known about a few of them when I went there last year, but I really should’ve done my research before I went.


When you’re at Disneyland and is going for an attraction or a show, you’re very likely to stand in line for up to a couple of hours should you be unlucky, for a ride that’s over in a few minutes. This is why Disneyland has come up with a ticket system called Fastpasses. These are tickets printed from a Fastpass machine by the attraction, which gives you a ticket with a timeframe on it and the name of the attraction that it’s valid on. You then come back to the attraction within the timeframe, usually a couple of hours later, and enter through the Fastpass entrance. Fastpasses allows you to wait in a very short queue and then get on the ride really fast. Basically FastPasses are VIP or premium tickets for that ride. Like any VIP or premium tickets they’re limited for every ride, so go the rides you’re planning to ride early in the morning and scan your entrance ticket in the Fastpass machine in order to get your tickets while there still are any. Not every ride will have the Fastpass system in operation, so check that on the website, app or ask cast members if you’re unsure about a specific ride.


Bottled water is a necessity when you’re at the parks, but purchasing them isn’t a necessity at all. You can easily spend a ton of money on bottles of water, should you purchase all your water at the parks. 10-20€ on water per family isn’t uncommon. So up to 100€ on water, which you can get for free! The trick is to get bring large refillable bottle with you, one per person, and then refill them at the parks. Most people don’t know that Disneyland Paris offers water fountains around the parks, where you can refill your bottles for free. This hack will save you some serious money, keep you hydrated and allow you to spend that money on souvenirs, a room upgrade at your hotel or food. Check the maps to find the refillable stations.

Extra magic hours

I love Extra Magic Hours and I used them when I was there. The parks open up an hour or two for those who’re staying at an official Disneyland Hotel. You’ll need your tickets to get in and have to show your keys at the entrance. Not all the attractions will be available, but Extra Magic Hours are the perfect way to skip the lines.


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