Coupon Policies

Every company has its own coupon policy and usually no two policies are exactly the same. Therefore I’m going to post links to the policy of the major chains in the U.K. and the US here. Knowing a shop’s coupon policy is important to know before you even enter the shop to do your shopping and it’s a very good idea to always have a printed version with you at all times. This is because not every single cashier or manager will be as educated about coupons and the shop chain’s coupon policy as you and I will be. So if you run into any problems with the cashier regarding your coupons, then you can just whip out their policy and point out, respectfully of course (!), what their policy states and how you’re right.

I will also point out whether or not they actually accept any manufacturers’ coupons. Should you have any questions regarding the policies – feel free to leave a comment with your question(s) and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

This page will be regularly updated!



ICELAND (accepts coupons):

SAINSBURY’S (accepts coupons):

TESCO (accepts coupons):

POUNDLAND: Poundland does NOT accept manufacturers’ coupons at all.

ASDA (accepts coupons):

ALDI: No info at the moment.


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