Got today’s haul at a bargain

I went to the shop to find coupons, not to shop, but then I found their 50% off shelves… at most I was going to buy some cheap meat that’s about to expire. I didn’t just buy crap, the things I actually bought I need.

Nothing was expired, every food thing is perfectly within date and edible.  This time I got:

  • 4 six packs of Pepsi Max
  • 4 packs of gel packs for the toilet
  • 2 bottles of organic apple cider
  • 2 small bottles of cloudy, organic apple juice
  • 2 taco kits
  • 2 Tetra Pak of organic sour milk 
  • 2 packs of cleaning cloths
  • 1 pack of garbage bags 
  • 2 chocolates protein puddings
  • 1 special gel pack for the toilet 

Total cost: 34€

Before rebates:  68€!


Homemade pizza!

Today I did some meal prepping and I made pizza with sausage, banana and oregano. Last week I bought two pizza kits for 1.50€ per kit, a really good price considering how much food you get off of one pizza. I got 6 portions, but if I can’t handle myself around it, I might eat it in three meals instead of six.

The cost:

  • Pizza kit 1.50€
  • Grated cheese 50c
  • Banana 50c
  • Sausage (leftovers) 35c

Total cost: 2.85€

2.85/6 = 47.5 cents/portion, or 95 cents for 2 portions! Two portions equals 1/3 of the pizza.

A great deal if you ask me!

Today’s Haul

I went to the shop today and got the best deals of this week! I was supposed to get ecological yogurt as well, but they were out and won’t have any until tomorrow, so I’m going back then. I also bought the wrong brand of soda, I accidentally bought the one that wasn’t on sale – so I need to change that as well.

Not everything I bought is in the picture, but almost. This week I got:

  • 2 bags of spaghetti for 10kr/bag (1kg/bag) (1€/bag)
  • 2 packs of chicken nugget from Max. These are DELICIOUS, buy them if you can – they are terrific! They only cost 35kr/box (3.50€/box)
  • 2 toothbrushes, 2 for 15kr (1.50€/2)
  • 1kg ecological carrots 10kr (1€)
  • Soda 5kr/bottle (50 cents/bottle)
  • 2 loaves of bread 10kr/loaf (1€/loaf)

This will last me a while, along with the other food I bought last week.

Best deals of this week at ICA!

This week’s ad is out for the shops and I’ve checked them out to see what the best deals are. Remember that not all the “deals” in the ads are real, or good, deals, so be check out what the regular price is on the tag. I’ve simply taken the ones that I know are good deals and pasted them here.

Remember to check how many you can buy per household/transaction and always buy the full allowance! 

I’ve got a personal website going!

I’m excited to say that I’ve just about finished my personal WordPress website & blog, where you can follow what I do in my “real” line of work and my emigrating status. 

Please check out:

Have a good night!

Oven baked sausage recipe

This is a recipe that was very cheap this week, since all the ingredients were on sale. I love this sausage recipe, it’s also cheap and you get a lot of food from just one large sausage. I got 7 portions off of one. All of the ingredients cost about 2,50€ and with 7 portions, 1 portion is about 35.7 cents! If you add some of the pasta I got on sale too, then 1 portion is about 50 cents. That’s 3.50€ for all 7 portions – a true bargain!

1 falukorv (large sausage)

2.5 dcl cream (one cup)


Tomato purée 

75 gr grated cheese 

1-2 teaspoons soy sauce

Salt & pepper


1. Take the skin of the sausage if it has one that’s removable.

2. Make incisions in the sausage like the picture above shows.

3. Put mustard and tomato purée in the incisions. 

4. Salt and pepper the sausage. Then put it in a deep oven safe glassware.

5. In a separate bowl, mix the cream with salt, pepper, the soy sauce, mustard and tomato purée until well mixed.

6. Pour the cream mix in the deep glassware.

7. Put the grated cheese over the sausage.

8. Bake the sausage in a preheated oven (225 Celsius) for about 25-30 minutes.

9. Serve with pasta or mashed potatoes.
ENJOY this cheap meal! 

Today’s haul!

I went to the shop for the first time since I moved two days ago and I got a lot of goodies at a great price. Plus I treated myself to a couple of prawn cocktails too! Included in the haul, but not in the picture below – due to lack of space were:

  1. 2 large Falukorv, a Swedish sausage. You can easily get four meals out of one of them. (15 kr/sausage)
  2. 2 bottles of mustard (9 kr/bottle)
  3. One large bottle bottle of ketchup (20kr/bottle)
  4. One pack of mini baguttes (5kr)
  5. One whole chicken (29:90kr/kg)
  6. 3 bags of pasta (5kr/bag)
  7. 4 small bottles of cream (2 for 15kr)
  8. 2 kg rice (15kr/kg)
  9. Two pizza kits (15kr/kit)
  10. 4 bags of grated cheese (5kr/bag)
  11. Curry and cinnamon (10kr/bottle)

These are only the good deals, I didn’t include the other things I had to buy since that would only be boring. But all in all I saved about 20-25% on my bill and I’ve got food for about two weeks. The cost would be about 250 SEK per week, or about 25€.