Day 2 – living below the line

At the moment it’s about noon and I’m at the library, as usual, watching YouTube videos and writing on my second book. I had the same breakfast as yesterday, bran flakes and milk, and it’s going to be my breakfast for the entire week – if I can make the bran flakes last. I’m not worried about the milk since I bought six pints, it’s the corn flakes that I’m afraid will run out sometime during later in the week.

For lunch I brought a huge carrot, made into thick fries, and a couple of bottles of water, just to save on the spaghetti. I wish I’d found some more cheap fruits and veggies, but the reduced onions (5p for 1kg) was the only thing I found, and they’re not exactly a nice snack to have when you’re hungry. But then again they’re likely to last me more than a week.

For dinner yesterday I made spaghetti Bolognese with half the mince and it’s what I’ll be having tonight and for a couple of days, until it runs out and then I’m planning to have the chips with the chicken nuggets and finish the week of with more minced meat sauce and spaghetti. Not very exciting, but then again living on 1£ a day isn’t, unless you’re lucky to find a few good deals on reduced veggies, fruits and meat. This time I was unlucky.

I thought that I’d be really hungry today, but it’s actually not that bad – mostly thanks to all the water and carrots I think. Saying that, I might crash later, just before dinner or just before bed later tonight.

Remember, if you’d like to help a food bank or is in need of help from a food bank, please visit the links below and remember that your local council is also able to help you out with that.


Day 1 – Living below the line

Today has been the first official day of living below the line and so far it’s been ok, nothing too big has happened yet. I woke up at about nine in the morning and had some of my corn flakes with milk before heading over to the library to enjoy their free Wi-Fi, return a few books and do a session of writing and looking for a new job, since I was fired from my previous one just over a week ago.

It’s about 16.30 and I’m almost ready to pack up and go home to have dinner, and I’m starving since I didn’t bring any lunch with me at all. Tonight I’ll probably make a spaghetti Bolognese and see how far I can stretch half of the minced meat, the reduced onions and a can of baked beans.

Keep a lookout on Instagram for a picture of the dinner, it’ll probably get up tomorrow morning when I’m on my way to the library. Since I don’t have any internet at home I’m relying on whatever free Wi-Fi I can find and the library is amazing, since I can sit there all day, work and have internet for free.

So, I’ll post more tomorrow after my meeting with a work agency. Have a great Bonfire Night and remember not to grill any hedgehogs!

Presenting new Blog Series next month

Starting next month, I’ll be presenting two new blog series here on The Poor Man’s Guide to the Galaxy! The working titles on the series are:

  1. The Poor Man’s Cheap Dishes from around the World 
  2. The Poor Man’s Beginners Guide to Coupons

The first series (The Poor Man’s Cheap Dishes…) will contain traditional dishes from different cuisines around the world – that are cheap and relatively easy to make at home from scratch. I’ll be visiting, for example; 

  • France
  • Thailand 
  • Mexico
  • UK
  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • China
  • Japan

I’m currently collecting recipes, at least 10, from each cuisine – which will be tested, documented and presented here and on my YouTube channel.

The second series (The Poor Man’s Beginners…) will be a ten part blog series about the fundamentals of couponing, and a bit of extreme Couponing as well. We’ll dive into the world of coupons and sort out the basics in ten easy blog parts, accompanied by videos on my YouTube channel! 

I’m also in the planning stage of a couple of other things, but that will be revealed at a later date!
Stay tuned for more!