Tickets to Disneyland Paris pt. 2

With the Annual Passes discussed already it’s now time to discuss how you can save on tickets to Disneyland Paris, and how and where to get your tickets at the best price possible. Bad planning and not doing your research properly is going to lead to paying too much and be lured into buying tickets that on the surface appears to be priceworthy, but after doing the actual math comes out at a way higher cost and that you could have gotten them far cheaper someplace else.

1 day: 88€/80€ (Adult//child)

2 days: 139€/126€

3 days: 169€/156€

4 days: 209€/189€

Just look at those prices! And there are plenty of people who line up each and every day to purchase their tickets at these prices, people who, with a little bit of planning, could have saved a small fortune on tickets that could be spent on food, souvenirs or making memories inside the parks. Imagine that you’re a family of five people – 2 adults and 3 children – who are going to spend 4 days at the park, and are buying tickets at the gates. That’s going to amount to a staggering 985€! That’s almost 1000€, for an average sized family. Luckily, there’re a couple of ways to get this number down just a bit, leaving you with a bit of money in your bank account instead of theirs. I’m going to stick to a family of 5, with two adults and three kids, when I count out the examples, just to give you an idea of how things work and then you can calculate your own ticket expenses from your own, personal circumstances.

Are there cheaper alternatives than the gates? We’re going to find out right now, starting with Disneyland’s latest form of tickets.

Special Tickets

A few years ago Disneyland Paris introduced 3 new types of tickets named Mini, Magic and Super Magic tickets – a really great deal and the greatest way of saving on tickets, in my opinion. Naturally, you’re only going to save money with careful planning and booking your tickets in advance. With these tickets you’re given the option of purchasing either tickets for 1 park or both parks, and it’s worth noting that the Mini, Magic and Super Magic tickets only come as day tickets – but that’s of no concern, since you can still save a fair bit on the cost of entrance.

The cheapest option is the Mini ticket which will only be valid on weekdays and on certain dates. At the moment the going rate are;

1 day/1 park: 53€/48€ (Adult/Child)

1 day/2 parks: 73€/68€

Sure, these tickets are a fantastic way of saving, but only if you’re staying 3 days and purchase the 1 day/1 park tickets. On the fourth day, it becomes cheaper to purchase the four day ticket from the gates. For a family of 5, again with 2 adults and 3 children, the prices for Mini tickets are as follows:



1 416€ 350€ 250€
2 656€ 700€ 500€
3 806€ 1050€ 750€
4 985€ 1400€ 1000€


Per adult it’s going to be:

1 88€ 73€ 53€
2 139€ 146€ 106€
3 169€ 219€ 159€
4 209€ 292€ 212€


Per child it’s going to be:



1 80€ 68€ 48€
2 126€ 136€ 96€
3 156€ 204€ 144€
4 189€ 272€ 192€


As you’ve noted, and me too, it only pays to get the 1 day/1 park ticket for 3 days until it becomes cheaper to just get 4 days at the gate. When I first saw the mini tickets I really thought that it would pay in the long run, but apparently it only goes so far, proving that you should always do the math before actually making a purchase. Asking yourself the question: “will this actually save me any money?” is a very valid one, especially when something claims to be cheaper than at the gate. In this case, it only goes so far, but is perfect for a three day stay at the park, with two days at one park and one day at the other or three days in one park.

Next we’ve got the Magic ticket, a ticket that’s valid every day of the week except for holidays and special events. Magic tickets aren’t really that much cheaper in the long run, just like thee Mini ticket. In fact, magic tickets are only cheaper for a two day stay and that’s if you choose the 1 day/1 park option.

Per adult it’s going to be:



1 69€ 89€
2 138€ 178€
3 207€ 267€
4 276€ 356€


Per child it’s going to be;



1 63€ 83€
2 126€ 166€
3 189€ 249€
4 252€ 332€


As you see, the savings are smaller on this ticket and will only be useful for a 2 day stay on the 1 day/1 park option. Unlike the multiday tickets you purchase online, the Magic ticket isn’t valid every day either, which makes them a bad choice should you want to go to the parks for Christmas or the New Year.

The last “special ticket” is the Super Magic Ticket, which is valid on 365 days of the year – just like the regular tickets. Super magic tickets aren’t worth the money, since you can get cheaper tickets at the gates or simply buy the regular single or multiday tickets from Disneyland Paris own website.

Adult prices

1 79€ 99€
2 158€ 198€
3 237€ 297€
4 316€ 396€


Children are:

1 72€ 92€
2 144€ 184€
3 216€ 276€
4 288€ 368€


You can see for yourself that the prices are much higher than even purchasing the tickets at the gates and not really in your favour at all. This only shows that it’s not always cheaper to purchase your tickets online and that it can be cheaper at the entrance.

Next time I’ll be dealing with whatever remains of the ticketing world that you’ll need to know about your Disneyland Paris tickets.


Tickets for Disneyland Paris pt. 1

Tickets to Disneyland Paris are going to be pricy, but there are, naturally, ways to get them cheaper – or even free! Disneyland offer a few different options for tickets and annual passes and I’ll try to list as many options as possible for you, but always check their website for the latest offers and the most updated prices ( Just like with the posts about eating at Disneyland, this will be a series of blog posts – about 2 I think – since there’s a lot to cover in regards to tickets. In this first part I’ll be covering Annual Passes. I personally wish I had the time and money to burn on an annual pass, but alas, I don’t.

Annual passes

The purpose of selling annual passes is for the park to reward regulars and help them save money, and to get more people to the park. Annual passes will give you a number of days to visit, along with a number of perks depending of what level you buy. I highly recommend purchasing annual passes, should you know that you’re going to come back within the year, even if it’s just once or twice. Tickets are expensive and you can save a great deal of money, by getting the cheapest, or the next cheapest one. Each annual pass is valid for both parks, which is great and is instantly a money saver.

A note!

It’s very worth checking what dates you’re going to the park, since it might actually be cheaper to buy an annual pass rather than actually buying tickets for specific dates. Let’s say that you’re going during weekdays at a time that’s not high season, it might actually be in your favour to purchase the Discovery annual pass for yourself and your family, or friends, rather than purchasing multiday tickets in advance, or at the gates. Otherwise, you’re not going to benefit from spending money on one, unless you plan on coming back within the next 365 days.

At the moment Disneyland Paris offers 4 different levels of annual passes and they’re perfect for those of you who’re Disney fans and want to go there often. When you buy annual passes, each pass is only valid for one person and each family member has to have his or her own pass to enter. Disneyland Paris does give a 20% discount if you purchase 5 or more like annual passes in one transaction, but they have to be the same and not, for example: 3 Infinity and 4 Discovery. When you purchase your annual pass, you’re going to be informed on when it’s valid and what perks are included in it.


This is their cheapest option and the one with the fewest days of being valid – only 150 days. Prices might change, but a Discovery annual pass, at the time of publication, costs 139€. You’re only allowed to visit the park 150 days out of the year, only at weekdays and no major holidays like Christmas and the New Year. During peak times in the summer you might be extra restricted too. This is perfect for those of you who don’t have children or have young children, in kindergarten and therefore aren’t bound to school holidays or long weekends to get to the parks. Discovery doesn’t include any perks, other than entry on the 150 available days and cheaper parking if you’re visiting for the day. The Disney hotels all include free valet parking.

Magic Flex

Next we have the Magic Flex, with 300 days that are valid. On this level you’re getting most weekends, but not holidays like Halloween, Christmas and the New Year holiday. This one comes in at 189€ and comes with perks like free parking at the park – a great saving, since parking will set you back at least 20€/day if you take the car to and from the park. If you’re travelling with kids and will do so on multiple occasions during the year, this will most likely be the best option for you and your family.

Magic Plus

Priced at 249€, at least for the moment. This is when the savings start to really roll in. Magic Plus is the second highest level of pass there is right now and you’re going to get, for example:

  • Free strollers
  • Rebate on day tickets
  • Extra magic hours
  • Free parking

With this pass you’re also getting 350 days at the park, so almost the whole year, and I don’t even recommend visiting the park during the holidays anyway due to the sheer amount of people who’ll go there. Should you be a dedicated fan of Walt Disney and live a reasonable travel distance from the parks – then this will probably be a good pass for you.


The annual passes that surpasses all the others – the ultimate card for Disney fans out there! For 399€ you’re sure to get all the perks that there is:

  • Free parking
  • Rebate on Character Dining
  • VIP seats for the parade

And a lot more! From a savings point of view it’s not really worth it to get it for your entire family, unless you’re planning to come to the park several times per year. It does, however, offer a great, lower price on day tickets for both parks that you can purchase for your family and friends. Getting one can be a fantastic treat for a loved one, or yourself, if you’re a big Disney Fan – but not really a way to save money on one single trip.

My recommendation is to at least have a look at the prices and complete list of perks which they offer before you book your holiday package to Disneyland. Depending on what sort of offers you find, you might want to supplement it with Discovery or Magic Flex annual passes for you and your travel company. However, you do usually get great deals on entrance and park tickets anyway, so it may not be to your advantage to get one.