What is a good price list (UK)

Product Price
Shower gel (brand product) 75p – 1£
Spreadable butter (brand product)
Eggs 10p each
Uncle Ben’s microwaveable pouches 75p-1£
Toothpaste (brand product)
Pens (no brand, pack of circa 30)
Pencils (no brand, pack of circa 30)
Washing up liquid (brand, 1050ml) 1 – 1,50£
Carrots (1kg fresh) 50p
Sanitary pads (double pack, brand) 2,50£


Ben & Jerry’s 2,50£
Sweet chili (brand, 190ml) 75p-1£
Soy sauce (brand, 190ml) 75p-1£
Stock cubes (brand, 8 & 12 pack)


Shampoo (brand) 1.50 – 2£ per 500ml bottle
Wet cat food (12 pack, brand)


Laundry detergent (pods, 29 pods, brand) 4.50£
Laundry detergent (pods, 19 pods, brand) 3.50£
Washing up liquid (383ml, brand) 50p


Dry cat food (brand 800gr) 3.50£
Cereal (brand, 500gr)


Crisps (brand, in a tube, c.200 gr) 25p – 1£
Cleaning spray (brand) 50p
Jar of pesto (brand, 190ml) 1£-1.50£
Sanitary pads (brand, single pack)


This is the start of a list and it will be updated from time to time.



Minced meat (Brand, 500gr, 5%) – 1.70£