Travelling to Disneyland Paris

The website itself has a lot of tips for travelers coming from outside of the country, and from within France too, in regards to travelling to their park. Travels to Disneyland Paris can be bought as part of your holiday package through the official Disneyland Paris website, but you can easily find cheap transportation on your own with a few searches on Google.

Disney Express Luggage Service

Disneyland Paris has this amazing service for all of their guests who are staying at one of their official Disney hotels, except for Davy Crockett Range. What this means is that when you’ll be travelling to Disneyland Paris with the Eurostar trains from the U.K. there’s the option of having your bags transferred directly from the train station, Marne-la-Valée Chessy, to your hotel. Onboard the train, a cast member will be coming around and take all of your information, confirm the booking and explain how this service will work once you arrive at the park. When you arrive at the train station, simply walk up to the Disney Express counter on the first floor, drop off your luggage and receive all your park tickets. They’ll then transfer all your bags to your hotel, freeing you up to go straight to the parks to start enjoying yourself. After you’re done at the park and head to check-in at the hotel, your luggage will be brought out for you at the reception. Check out the video below for a simple video explanation of how it works.

This service isn’t available for those of you who are staying at partnering hotels and for those staying at Davy Crockett Range, since the Range is only accessible by car and the partnering hotels aren’t official, Disney themed Disney hotels by the park. You do need to book this service in advance in order to make use of it.

Boat, bus & car

You can get to France by boat if you live in the U.K. If you live in Kent, or close to Dover, you can easily take the ferry from Dover to Calais and then take the train. You should expect at least one change when you go from Calais, usually in Lille. Going by boat without a car isn’t my recommendation, it’s much easier to grab your family and chuck them into the car and get on the ferry with the car. Disneyland Paris also sometimes offer free ferry travels as part of your booking, so keep an eye out for those offers on their websites or google it. Portsmouth is also one of your options as far as ferries goes, you can go to Cherbourg and Le Havre with Brittany Ferries.

The tunnel is also an option if you live relatively close to it and have your car with you, and then drive all the way to Disneyland. You’ve also got the option of going to France by bus for as little as 15£ per person from the U.K. (OuiBus, London – Paris), if you’re willing to spend the day on a bus. It’ll take you at least 8 hours to get from London to Paris and there aren’t any stops on the way.


The train station you should aim to get to is Marne-la-Vallée-Chessy, just outside of Paris. If you’re coming from the U.K. and are travelling to Disneyland Paris – there are a couple of options when you’re going by train. I’ve travelled to Disneyland Paris by train and it was extremely easy in my opinion. Eurostar goes to Disneyland Paris from London St Pancras, sometimes with a stop at Ashford or Ebbsfleet. Ashford is also an option, there are a couple of trains every day there, all year around. Same is true for St Pancras – one or two trains per day are bound for Disneyland Paris.

Paris is also another alternative train wise. No matter where you go from – Paris is also an easy way to transfer towards Disneyland. The station that the trains leaves from is Gare de Lyon and the journey lasts about 45 minutes. There are a few different train companies, so use the internet to search for whatever company it is that stops at Marne-la-Vallée-Chessy.


A lot of you people will probably go to Disneyland Paris by plane and in these modern times there are lots of cheap flights to France from all over the world. I’m not going to give you any specific tips of websites that offer cheap flights, since all of you will come from different parts of the world and have any number of airlines available to you. Google cheap flights and do your research, or make your booking as part of a holiday package directly via Disneyland Paris website ( The link will be at the bottom of the page, under Travel Information.

Important notice!

Always search for plane tickets in incognito mode, since all airline websites track the habits of the people who are looking for tickets. When you come back a second, third or fourth time – they’re going to change and, very often, mark up the prices on the tickets you’re looking for! But you’ll avoid this by surfing in incognito mode when you’re booking tickets.

Your closest airport, in relation to Disneyland Paris is Charles De Gaulle (CDG) airport outside of Paris and there’s even a shuttle bus from the airport to the park.

Magic Shuttle Airport Transfer

Going from CDG Airport to Disneyland Paris is extremely easy and can be booked up to 2 days in advance, earlier if you’re disabled or have reduced mobility. Bus tickets aren’t included in any package and has to be booked separately from the Magic Shuttle website, which I’ll link below. The bus journey lasts about 1 hour, depending on traffic.



UPDATE: Emergency Travel Kit 2

I’ve totally forgotten that I’ve updated my Emergency Kit for my travels and so I’m going to share this update with you. Perhaps you already have these things in your travel kit and if you don’t then I hope you can have some use of my idea. Remember that this is only one way to do this and is only supposed to give you guys a general idea of how you can do it. The possibilities are endless when it comes to putting together an Emergency Travel Kit and should always be varied depending on your needs, the length of your travel, ways of travel & wallet. The only wrong thing to do is NOT bringing a kit with you or not putting any thought behind putting it together – and therefore missing vital things when you open it!


This kit is basic food kit that I always bring with me and it contains:

  • A couple of packs of ketchup, mustard & mayonnaise.
  • Small packs of salt & pepper (not in the picture)
  • A pack or two of wasabi, soy sauce and pickled ginger. I absolutely LOVE sushi and so I always have these things. Plus they’re good on a salad if you haven’t bought a dressing.
  • Dark chocolate or a bar of candy, just in case I need something to eat while I wait. Sometimes I bring fruit too or a homemade sandwich,
  • Plastic cutlery and/or chop sticks. Usually I bring chop sticks if I’m flying on a plane, since the security officers often take the plastic cutlery away for security reasons.



Where do I get all the stuff from and how much does it cost me, you might wonder. Well, most of the things I bring with me are free or near to free. The condiments (ketchup, mustard, salt, pepper etc) are always free – you simply take them from your local McDonalds, Burger King or whatever other fast food place that have them for free. I just take a few extra with me to the table when I’ve ordered and then just put the extra stuff in a ziplock bag, which I then store in my backpack. I always keep them in the fridge just in case.

The wasabi, pickled ginger and soy sauce packs were bought at the chain Wasabi, a chain that sell prepacked sushi, for a few pennies per pack. They last a long time, but be sure to check their expiration date anyway.

The snacks are often the most expensive parts of my food kit, but I always try using coupons and deals to make them as cheap as possible. Dark chocolate is good, raisins, a couple of candy bars, dried fruits, fresh fruits, popcorn etc. I never bring nuts since there are so many that are allergic to them. Remember that there are nuts in Snickers! Snacks are important to keep your energy levels up and if you have an unexpected layover or a long delay – your mood will go down if you’re hungry.

2 half liter bottles of water. It’s very important to stay hydrated on a trip, which is why I bring two bottles of water with me on every trip. If you go an airport, remember to empty them BEFORE the security check or they will be confiscated, and new bottles are expensive. Besides, most airports today have water stations just past the security where you can refill your bottles.

Chop sticks are vital to me, and should be to you. I’ve often been in the situation where I arrive late at night, or on a Sunday, only to find that there are only fast food restaurants, a supermarket or a sushi place open. I go there and buy my food, go back to the hotel room… only to find that I’ve forgotten about cutlery and have nothing to eat with, except for my hands. Not fun. Which is why I always bring chop sticks and since I always forget about utensils, I’ve perfected the craft of eating everything (and boy do I mean EVERYTHING) with a pair of chop sticks.


I hope this post will help you prepare for your next trip and that, if an emergency should arise, you’re as ready as you can be!

Emergency Travel Bag- why you should have one!

What is an Emergency Travel Bag, what do you do with it and why should I have one you might askk. Well, if you’re somewhat of a frequent traveler then you probably have one and know all the benefits of having one.
An Emergency Travel Bag is simply put: one or two small bags that you bring with you, in your hand luggage, onto a plane and serve as an emergency kit in case your luggage gets lost on the way.

A lot/bag might vary a bit in content and size depending on who you are, but the basic kit should contain the following things:

1. One or two pairs of underwear 

2. A pair of socks 

3. A small bottle (under 100ml) of shampoo and one with body wash.

4. Sanitary pads and/or tampons

5. A toothbrush 

6. A small tube of toothpaste (under 100ml)

7. Some emergency cash. Make sure it’s the currency of the country that you’re visiting and NOT your home country.

8. Band aids for your feet.

9. Small napkins.

You then divide the things between two small bags, in my case I use bags that I’ve gotten for free from Viking Line, but any little Bag is fine. 

Remember to always keep the bags close at hand in your hand luggage, especially at security so that you can show the security officers your liquids!