About Me


I’m Poor Man and this is The Poor Man’s Guide to the Galaxy! I’m a person with, at the moment, limited income and therefore always looking to save money on everything in life  – from food, hyginene products, water, electricity, heating… You name it, I’m trying to save on it. Even if you have a steady and good income, this blog might be what you need if you want to live a life on less money and save up for your retirement, to start a new business, a holiday or whatever.

Please note that English ISN’T my first language, so be aware that there might be some grammar errors and misspellings. I’m more that willing to corrrect any posts if you let me know of my mistakes – in a nice way of course.

I’ll blog about most things dealing with savings and living on a tight budget, share recipes and pictures of my hauls of good deals. I do have a Youtube account, but I’m not making any videos at the moment since I don’t have a good camera yet. My ambition is to get a camera and post at least one or two haul videos before the December holidays (Chanukka, christmas), so stay tuned.

If you have topic suggestions, questions and/or want me to do a blog topic/video about something specific – leave a comment here, tweet me or leave a comment on Instagram and I’ll see what I can do!

I’ve created a Twitter account where I’ll tweet about good deals and link my latest Instagram pictures and blog posts, be sure to follow me!

Twitter: Poor_mans_guide

Instagram: thepoormansguidetothegalaxy

Youtube: Poor Man


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