GoFundMe Christmas Campaign



This is a message for all of you out there. I’ve just started a GoFundMe Christmas Campaign to help me refill my cupboards and to be able to actually celebrate Christmas this year.

I’m not usually a beggar, but my situation requires me to do this now. What I don’t want you to think is that I’m a slob who lives on benefits and who shyes away from working. Today I’ve got about 50p to my name and my fridge freezer and cupboards are pretty much empty.

This is far from true. I’m a very active jobseeker and look for jobs every single day, whilst writing my first book – which is due to be self-published withing a couple of weeks. I’m also developing my YouTube Channel too, to create some revenue from that.

However, now I do need the help of strangers to put me and my cat in food for the holidays (Christmas & New Year’s), plus stocking up on food for afterwards. Not a penny of the will be spent on alchol, cigarettes or lottery tickets, just the essential food for me and my Cat, Ninja!

Any help is much appriciated and I’d be forever in your debt.


Christmas shopping part I don’t know…

So, another shopping done and this time it was at Morrisons and I got two of their 1kg wonky carrot bags for 35p each, so in total 70p for 2kg carrots that are fine, but doesn’t look nice. That doesn’t really matter since the carrots are going to be cooked, mashed and baked in the oven anyway, so their looks won’t matter.

I always try to buy as much of those “ugly”, “wonky” and “weird” looking fruits and vegetables at shops simply because they’re A LOT cheaper, but still taste the same, but people don’t really want anything less than perfect. That’s quite sad to be honest since it creates waste and expensive fruits and vegetables. Please people, buy the ones that aren’t perfect and shops, pleease, sell the ones that aren’t decent looking – they’re still ok to eat! If we don’t sell, buy and use them they’re going to waste and that’s just not sustainable in the long run.


Anyway, my new total cost after coupons and rebates is now up to: 8.15£

Before coupons & rebates: 9.55£

Have a nice week, it’s only 2 weeks left before Christmas now!